Cowboy Bebop writer gives update on Netflix series

The show will explore new paths while still boasting the flavour of the original, according to Javier Grillo-Marxauch.

The writer of Netflix’s live-action adaptation of anime Cowboy Bebop has shared some new details about the upcoming series. 

The original series follows the bounty hunting crew of the spaceship Bebop including former hitman and leader Spike, Jet Black, con artist Faye, hacker Edward and genetically-enhanced super-intelligent corgi Ein.

Javier Grillo-Marxauch has revealed that it won’t actually be a direct adaptation of the series but will instead create its own narrative with a mix of characters and different elements. 

“You’ve got a show where you have 26 episodes that are full of very colourful villains, very colourful stories, very colourful adversaries, bounties, and all of that,” he said during an interview with i09. 

“We’re not going to go one-to-one on all of those stories because we’re also trying to tell the broader story of Spike Spiegel and the Syndicate, Spike Spiegel and Julia, Spike Spiegel and Vicious, and all that.”

Although it will tell a different story and expand out the world, it has been confirmed that the 10 episodes will all last an hour, Grillo-Marxauch said it will retain the spirit of the original. 

Netflix’s Cowboy Bepop will star John Cho as Spike, Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black, Daniella Pined as Faye and Alex Hassell as Vicious Spike’s arch-enemy. 

It’s not yet known when the series will premiere after filming was delayed by seven to nine months last October when Cho suffered a serious knee injury on set. 

Source: Games Radar

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