Dark Tower film-goers asked about TV series

Viewers are on-board for the Dark Tower TV show.

Cinema-goers who watched The Dark Tower this weekend were asked about the planned spin-off TV series.

Those who saw the film were greeted by an exit survey in select cinemas, which asked watchers whether they'd be interested in seeing a spin-off series.

83% of those asked claimed that they'd be interested in a potential series, which has already been planned to go into production.

The Dark Tower is an adaptation of Stephen King's series of sci-fi novels, which see The Gunslinger traverse a sci-fi/Western world in search for the titular tower.

Despite critical panning, The Dark Tower still topped this weekend's box office chart with $19.1 million made in the US.

According to the survey, this would translate into just over 4 million people interested in the upcoming series.

CEO of Media Rights Capital, one of the producers of the movie and TV show, said that they found that even if viewers didn't like the film, they were still interested in the series. 

“That is incredibly encouraging; what it shows is that there is a very big, excited audience for the show.

“People who have seen the movie are interested in a TV series whether or not they liked the movie;  even if they didn't like the movie, they were not turn off by that.”

Critics and fans alike have not been kind to The Dark Tower, which currently holds an 18% ‘Rotten' rating on film verdict aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. 

Fans of the books have said that the direction the films takes is not the right one, with the characters heading to the “real world” far too soon before establishing the world of the novels.

Stephen King previously gave his blessing to the project, though the fact that he dislikes Stanley Kubrick's The Shining and prefers the poor TV movie version suggests his tastes for adaptations leaves a lot to be desired.

Source: Deadline

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