Drone Racing League to air on Sky Sports

Sky has announced that it has invested in the Drone Racing League in a deal which will bring the coverage to Sky Sports.


The reported £1m investment will see Sky own the distribution rights to the new sport, which is expected to air on Sky's recently launched Sky Sports Mix channel.

The Drone Racing League is the first competition for drone racing, which features pilots flying custom designed drones through complex obstacle courses.

Drones are controlled via first person cameras that are linked to headsets worn by the pilots, allowing for high-tech and innovative courses to be built. 

As well as investment into the project, Sky has also gained the rights to broadcast the DRL in the UK and Ireland. 

The Drone Racing League will be covered both live and recorded in ten, one-hour episodes that will air on Sky Sports Mix in October.

The league will see a champion crowned at the end of a season of 5 different races.

Sky Sports Mix is Sky's recently launched sports channel, offering a variety of different sports to Sky customers at no extra cost.

Emma Lloyd, Group Business Development Director at Sky, said that the investment was about creating something new for the platform.

“We're thrilled to be partnering with DRL to help develop this exciting new sport. The investments we make are all about driving innovation, and ultimately improving the Sky experience for customers.”

“We're really looking forward to working with the team at DRL to grow the sport and to bring something completely different to audiences across both TV and digital.” 

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