Eastenders could be scrapped due to BBC cuts

The BBC has said that programmes such as Eastenders could be cancelled if the government goes further with its cuts.

Bosses from the Corporation claimed that shows such as the massively popular Eastenders may be axed because of similarities with commercial rivals such as ITV's Coronation Street

Hitting back at Government pressure, BBC officials have produced a 100-page document responding to Culture Secretary John Whittingdale's potential plans for the company. 

Speaking in this response, the BBC has stated that it should be able to make programmes in all genres, even if they are represented on other channels. 

“It does not make practical sense to say that the BBC should only make a programme if another broadcaster never would.”

“That would mean that when ITV made Broadchurch, the BBC would have to stop making Happy Valley. Or it would mean that we should stop doing EastEnders because ITV does Coronation Street.”

The comments come just as the BBC has come under fire from the government for being “too commercial” in its practices, with the millions spent on the bid for singing competition The Voice cited as an example.

 Despite reacting to the criticisms, the broadcaster is proposing huge changes to its infrastructure  to reform it from the inside. 

These include changes to the BBC Trust board as well as asking licence fee payers directly what they would want from the service. 

A BBC source said that the public does not necessarily want a hyper-focused BBC.

“The BBC is an asset for Britain. One that will have to change and evolve, but at the heart of that change must be the recognition that the public don't want a narrowly focused BBC.”

"They want one that produces great programmes and offers Britain a strong voice abroad.”

Source: Daily Mirror 

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