Final Fantasy XIV to be adapted into live-action TV series

It's being jointly produced by the studio behind Netflix's The Witcher project.

A live-action TV adaptation of Square Enix’s MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV is currently in development.

Not too much information is currently available about the untitled project but it’s said to be “inspired directly by the world and characters of the title’s fourteenth installment.” 

Popular elements of the franchise including “magitek and beastmen, airships and chocobos” will definitely make an appearance in some capacity. 

Cid, a character that’s appeared in several of the game’s previous entries, is also set to make his live-action debut. 

Sony Pictures Television and Hivemind, the studio behind Netflix’s upcoming Witcher show and critically-acclaimed sci-fi outing The Expanse, are to jointly produce the project. 

It’s not yet known when the series will be released or where it’ll be available to watch. 

Final Fantasy XIV previously made its live-action TV debut in the 2017 Netflix film Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light which used the game to explore the relationship between a father and son. 

Source: The Verge

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