First full-length trailer for Castle Rock season 2

This series stars Lizzie Caplan as Misery's psychotic nurse Annie Wilkes.

Hulu has released the first full-length trailer for the upcoming second season of Castle Rock

The horror anthology series is set within a Stephen King multiverse, combining various characters and storylines from his most famous works to craft one overarching narrative. 

This outing is clearly drawing heavily from his 1987 novel Misery, which was later adapted into an Academy-Award winning film starring Kathy Bates. 

Lizzie Caplan stars as a younger version of Bates’s character, psychotic nurse Annie Wilkes, who flees to the titular town with daughter Joy (Elsie Fisher) wanting to hide out after committing a murder. 

Several scenes in the trailer clearly depict her worsening mental state, along with a drug addiction, suggesting that the show will explore her serial killer backstory from King’s book. 

“People round here, they forget the past” says Tim Robbins’s character Reginald “Pop” Merril, who features in one of King’s more obscure novellas The Sun Dog, implying it’ll also explore Castle Rock’s supernatural backstory.  

That’s followed by several shots which are clearly set in the past, showing some kind of mass burning at the stake and women in chains. 

An appearance of the sign for Jersalum’s Lot and Marsten House could indicate the involvement of vampires as these two locations served as the settings for King’s 1975 novel Salem’s Lot.

Alongside Caplan and Robbins, Garrett Hedlund, Ysra Warsama, Barkgad Abdi and Matthew Alanare also set to star.

A UK release date for the second season of Castle Rock is not yet known but viewers can stream the entire first season on Starz Play, a channel that’s available through Amazon Prime

Source: Collider

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