First trailer for Apple original See

Jason Momoa stars in this post-apocalyptic series where a deadly virus left all survivors blind.

Apple TV Plus has released the first trailer for their upcoming post-apocalyptic series See.

Set in an unspecified time period in the distant future, humanity has regressed back to a tribal society after a deadly virus ravaged the global population and left those who survived blind. 

Jason Momoa stars as fearless warrior Baba Voss whose twins are mysteriously born with the ability to see. 

When a powerful Queen learns of their existence, he and his tribe’s spiritual leader Paris (Alfre Woodard) must do all they can to protect them against her desperate forces. 

The tech giant reportedly spent $15 million per episode of See and it definitely shows.

Plenty of action-packed battles are teased and even in the trailer the cinematography is stunning, with wide sweeping shots of darkly glossy forests.

The series was written by Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight with every episode directed by The Hunger Games’s Francis Lawerence.  

Many of the cast and crew who worked behind-the-scenes are also blind or have low vision. 

See will debut as one of the platform's launch titles alongside star-studded drama The Morning Show with Jennifer Anniston and Reese Witherspoon, a comedy about 18th century poet Emily Dickinson and sci-fi series For All Mankind.  

It was today announced that Apple TV Plus will launch on November 1st in the US but it’s not yet known when it’ll arrive in the UK.

Soure: Variety 

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