Gus Fring is back in Better Call Saul season 3 teaser

Albuquerque's scariest man is back. 

A new trailer for the third season of Better Call Saul reveals the return of a fan-favourite character.

Gus Fring, the chicken shop-owning drug kingpin from Breaking Bad, will make an appearance in the show, with a brief glimpse of him being shown in the teaser.

Better Call Saul acts as a prequel to Breaking Bad, telling the story of Walter White's criminal lawyer as he goes from being legitimate to eventually turning to crime. 

Gus Fring was a significant player in Breaking Bad, so it's fair to say that his appearance in the prequel will shed some more light onto the character.

The character owned a chicken restaurant chain - Los Pollos Hermanos - as a front for drug manufacturing, which is where fans can expect to find him in Better Call Saul.

The show is produced by AMC in the US, with Netflix releasing the episodes in the UK after they're aired - much like it did with Breaking Bad

Star of the show, Bob Odenkirk, said that season 3 of the show will be the first time viewers will see the character slip into Saul Goodman.

“Season 3 is the first time we get to see Saul Goodman. But not the way you think - so you get to see Saul Goodman, but he is not what you saw in Breaking Bad.”

Odenkirk also hinted that the new season would be a good mix of comedic and dramatic moments.

“There's always been this great mix of comedy and drama with the bad guys and with this one there's a more dynamic mix of really fun comic sequences and very serious dramatic high drama moments.”

Better Call Saul season 3 starts on April 11th on Netflix. Subscribers can catch up with the first 2 along with all of Breaking Bad right now.

Source: Screen Rant

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