HBO’s Westworld gets premiere date

HBO’s highly anticipated new thriller Westworld has been given a US premiere date of Sunday, October 2nd.


The JJ Abrams-produced drama is due to air on premium cable channel HBO in the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK.

Whilst an exact UK date has yet to be confirmed, Sky has claimed that it will begin broadcasting the show in October also.

The hotly-anticipated remake of Michael Crichton's (creator of Jurassic Park) sci-fi film sees the opening of a Western-themed theme park populated with lifelike robots. 

Much like Jurassic Park, things don't exactly go to plan, with Sir Anthony Hopkins playing the promoter of the park as he attempts to keep control of the androids. 

Other castings include Oscar nominee Ed Harris, House of Cards' Jimmi Simpson and True Blood's Evan Rachel Wood. 

Westworld looks to do away with the camp 70s' stylings of the original film and replace them with a slick and disturbing futuristic feel. 

The show has been marred with difficulties during its production, but now appears to be on track for its October premiere date. 

After having its set temporarily shut down halfway through filming, co-creator Jonathan Nolan denied the rumours of behind-the-scenes issues. 

"We needed to shut down in order for [co-creator] Lisa [Joy] and I to write the rest of the scripts.”

"This was strictly a question of our ability to write, produce and direct."

Source: Digital Spy 

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