Hellraiser HBO series in development

Pinhead is heading to prestige television.

A new series based on the Hellraiser films is in development at HBO.

The US cable network announced that it would be developing a new spin on the beloved horror franchise, just days after a new film reboot was announced. 

David Gordon Green, director of the most recent Halloween film, has signed on to direct the first episode as well as others in the series.

Hellraiser revolves around a puzzle box that awakens demons from another dimension when opened.

The film franchise has spawned over 10 films and features the iconic villain Pinhead.

The series will be written by Mark Verheiden and Michael Dougherty, both of whom have a number of different credits from the action and sci-fi world, including Battlestar Galactica, Daredevil, Heroes and X-Men.

Rather than being a reboot or remake of the franchise, the Hellraiser series will instead be a continuation of the overarching narrative, assuming the past mythology to be a given. 

Whilst there is no word on when the show will land, fans can expect quite a long wait thanks to the new Halloween sequels that Green has also signed on to direct, Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends, the first of which is currently in post-production.

When the series does hit, viewers will be able to watch it on Sky Atlantic, as with all HBO series.

Source: Deadline

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