Jimmi Simpson to return to Westworld

William will return to Westworld in 2018.

Jimmi Simpson is set to return to HBO's Westworld in its second season.

The actor, who played a major role in the first season, will return to the series which is set to air later this year. 

Simpson was asked whether he would return during a press tour where he was asked about his character.

"I thought it was already a thing [that I was returning]," he joked. "But now that you're asking me, I'm gonna shut up.

"I wish there was exploration between the time when William's heart is broken and we see the result. I want to know how much it takes and how hard he tried not to go there. But, I don't write the story, you know? But that's for me… Yeah, I love that."

In the first season, Simpson played a Westworld punter named William, who was wary of harming the robots and eventually falls in love with Doloros.

The end of the season saw William revealed to be the murderous Man in Black and that his scenes were flashbacks. 

Now it appears as if season 2 will delve further into the Man in Black's past, going more into how he eventually became a “black hat”. 

Simpson is a familiar face for TV fans, with the actor starring in House of Cards as well as the new season of Black Mirror.

Ed Harris, who plays the Man in Black, also weighed in on season 2.

So now we're in the middle of season two – we got going on season two, it's pretty trippy already. They're in better shape this year. They're better prepared."

You'll be able to watch Westworld season 2 when it releases on Sky Atlantic and the NOW TV Entertainment Pass later this year.

Source: Digital Spy


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