John Barrowman talks Torchwood return

Could Captain Jack reunite with the 13th Doctor?

John Barrowman has said that he wants Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood to return. 

The actor, who starred as Captain Jack Harkness in the original series, said in an interview that he hopes Chris Chibnall will revive the series now he’s the showrunner of Doctor Who.

Torchwood was a Doctor Who spinoff and featured the Doctor’s former companion as he leads a black ops team that investigates alien encounters.

The series had a similar setup to The X-Files, but set in Cardiff. It ran for 4 series, including the final series Miracle Day, which was a co-production between the BBC and a US production company. 

Speaking with the Radio Times, Barrowman said that he has spoken to Chibnall about reviving the show.

"Without going into too much detail, I actually a while back contacted Chris. I was doing meetings with different production companies all around the US, including The CW, and the one thing out of everyone's mouth was, 'How would we get a hold of Torchwood? To do it?'

"But he said, 'Let's talk when things calm down a bit'. And that was just at the beginning of his negotiations for Doctor Who."

Chris Chibnall has taken over showrunning duties for the 11th series of Doctor Who, which stars Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor.

Fans have speculated that the character of Captain Jack could make a return, with Barrowman also mentioning that Chibnall could bring the character back. 

"If anyone can do it, it's Chris. Chris is the one who can make the decision because it's always the decision of the showrunner of Doctor Who.

"I was told that that's the person who can decide about bringing back Torchwood. Or Captain Jack to Doctor Who."

You can watch the first 9 series of Doctor Who via Netflix right now.

Source: Digital Spy

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