John Wick creator hints at prequel series

The ballet of bullets may be headed to the small screen.

The creator of the John Wick films has hinted that a spin-off TV series might be in the works.

Chad Stahelski, director of both John Wick and the upcoming John Wick: Chapter 2 said that whilst the second installment is not a prequel, there are plenty of ideas for one. 

"Lionsgate is very interested in doing a John Wick TV show, and that seems very appealing to us, to give those creative ideas to that entity, because I think in TV you could really expand on what that is, and greater than we could in just a two-hour film.

"We'd like to wrap up the story we're telling now and maybe save all our prequel ideas and impossible task ideas for that medium."

John Wick revolves around a retired hitman (Keanu Reeves) who goes back to work after his dog is killed by Russian mobsters who raid his house.

John Wick: Chapter 2 sees Keanu Reeves return to the role coming out of retirement again to tackle killers in Rome.

If a John Wick prequel series does happen, it would be the latest example of films that have been adapted or spun-off for TV.

Liam Neeson action movie series Taken is also getting its own prequel series, with 80's classic Lethal Weapon and 2001's Training Day both receiving TV reboots recently. 

As well as a prequel series, Stahelski also confirmed that a John Wick 3 is being planned.

John Wick: Chapter 2 is due to hit cinemas on February 17th. You can catch the first film on NOW TV with a Sky Cinema Pass.

Source: Digital Spy

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