Line of Duty creator wants at least 6 series

Line of Duty could go on into 2020.

The creator of hit series Line of Duty wants it to run for at least 6 series. 

Jed Mercurio said in a recent interview that him and the cast are hoping for the show to run even longer than planned.

Line of Duty is a police drama that follows a cast of cops who investigate people inside their own department for corruption. 

Series 4 of the show has just finished its run on BBC One, with the series drawing critical acclaim and the BBC's highest viewing figures for years.

The show has already been commissioned for a 5th series, which is due to air in Spring 2019.

Mercurio said that the cast and crew enjoyed working together so much that future series would be a pleasure.

"It's the broadcaster and the fans that are still watching the show, but I love making the show. We all love working together. So at the moment, no-one wants to stop making Line of Duty.

"I'd definitely like to be able to do a sixth series. That means we can approach the fifth series knowing that it's not going to be the last."

Line of Duty changes its cast every few years, with Thandie Newton (Westworld) taking centre stage in the latest series.

Fans will have to wait until 2019 for the next dose of Line of Duty, however, with Mercurio still writing the scripts.

"We haven't even decided if the next antagonist will be male or female, we are that far off from puzzling it out."

You can catch the first 2 series of Line of Duty on Netflix right now.

Source: Digital Spy

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