Lord of the Rings TV series could cost $500 million

Amazon's big fantasy project could be one of the most expensive series ever.

Amazon could be paying over half a billion dollars for Lord of the Rings, a report has claimed.

The retail and streaming giant recently earned the rights to create a series based on the fantasy novels, which will reportedly be a prequel to the popular Peter Jackson films.

The fee for acquiring the rights to the franchise was apparently around $250 million, with reports saying that Amazon's spending of the series could top $500 million when factoring in production and marketing.

Amazon is apparently desperate to emulate the success of fantasy series Game of Thrones and sci-fi series Westworld, both of which are produced by HBO.

This makes the Lord of the Rings series a potentially expensive gamble for Amazon, which has yet to have an original series as well-received as either HBO or Netflix.

There have recently been a number of high-budget series that were quickly cancelled, such as HBO's Vinyl, Netflix's Marco Polo and The Get Down, so money is certainly not a guaranteed road to success. 

Amazon has been commissioning a number of shows in order to catch up with the high amount of (varying quality) Netflix Originals, including an animated comedy from the creator of Bojack Horseman, a series based on Iain M Banks' Culture novels and a Conan the Barbarian series.

Whether these will see the light of day anytime soon remains to be seen, with Amazon putting out a new season of Sneaky Pete alongside upping its “exclusive” shows from third parties.

Source: Collider

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