Lore podcast creator opens up about Amazon series

The podcast creator sheds some light onto the new TV series.

The creator of horror podcast Lore has revealed which episode he'd like to see in the TV adaptation.

Aaron Mahnke, who hosts the popular podcast, revealed at the New York Comic Con which episode he'd like to see Amazon adapt for TV in the upcoming Prime Original Series.

Mahnke cited an episode about isolated lighthouse keepers in the 1800s.

“There's an episode called “Rope and Railing” about two lighthouse keepers off the coast of Whales in the 1800s. What a great character episode that would be, to have just two people in a room – and at one point, one of them is dead and it's just one person essentially going insane with a dead body strapped to a railing outside the window and no help coming.”

Lore is a true-horror podcast which tells the real-life stories behind myths and legends.

The series has been adapted for TV by Amazon, with the first season streaming on Amazon Prime Video right now.

The TV show is a mixture of drama sequences and real-life testimony and storytelling, blending fiction and nonfiction in much the same way as the podcast.

In the NYCC panel, Mahnke also talked about how episodes were chosen for the 6-part series.

“I love the choices we made this year because it's a different format, we're playing a little bit with mixed media, bringing in animation and other things.

“So I like the fact that we have some more comfortable horror topics if that's a phrase, like vampires and werewolves and haunted houses, because you're going to be put off enough with this new format that's approaching stuff from a different way to then have to wrestle with some obscure topic or concept or theme, I like that we're jumping in with something familiar. So I feel like these were easy ones to do, they're also some of my favorites.”

Whilst there's been no confirmation that will get a second season yet, it's fair to assume that it will if enough subscribers tune in.

Source: Screen Rant

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