Luke Cage shows off in season 2 teaser

Get a new look at the upcoming season.

A new teaser for Luke Cage has surfaced, offering a glimpse of season 2.

The teaser shows us a small clip from season 2, with Luke Cage completing an athletics trial in front of an adoring crowd.

Cage shows off his strength by breaking a running record and throwing a massive tyre across a field.

Whilst this doesn't exactly offer much of a hint as to what we can expect from season 2, it does confirm that the series will still be firmly rooted in the setting and culture of Harlem.

The writers and actors of the series have previously said that this season would have a different feel to the previous one.

Luke Cage actor Mike Colter talked about fan reception to the first season.

"[The first season] was a great try. Some people enjoy the full season. Some really felt the second part was not as strong as the first. And I get both.

"You've got to take a chance to make your series different... If people thought it was a miss, that's fine."

Season 1 initially had a very strong villain in the form of Cottonmouth, played by Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali, but he was killed off in the middle and replaced with an inferior character.

Netflix's Marvel shows still suffer from the problem of being a few episodes too long, with a number of filler episodes per season.

Whilst it doesn't seem like Luke Cage will rectify this problem, a new approach could make it more interesting in the long run.

You can watch season 1 of Luke Cage, along with all the Marvel shows, on Netflix now. Luke Cage season 2 will air on June 22nd.

Source: Digital Spy

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