New sound tech could send signals between TVs and smartphones

New sound-based technology could allow TVs to send signals to smartphones, researchers have revealed.


Tech developers in South Korea have claimed that, in the future, TV shows could send signals to the phones of viewers, allowing for greater interactivity. 

The system works by using the TV's speakers to send data-laden tones to smartphones, thereby making them interactive with the show you're watching. 

This tone would be silent to anyone listening, but would be strong enough to beam a signal.

Tae Hyun Kim of Soundly in Seoul, South Korea, said that this technology could be used to enhance shows that deal with real-life destinations. 

“Imagine that you're watching a travel programme and your phone instantly receives the exact location, booking details and nearby attractions of the place you see.”

Whilst this use of ultrasound technology is technically already possible, the current technology behind it violates broadcasting regulations because of volume levels, which can potentially irritate animals and younger children. 

Tae Hyun Kim claimed that new developments make the use of ultrasound more viable.

“The real advantage of our system is that its noise level is the same as a quiet library.”

Dr. Mu Mu, a lecturer at the University of Northampton, said that the current focus is on second-screen experiences using smartphones and tablets.

He added, however, that ultrasound could eventually be used to connect smartphones with other mobile devices.

Source: New Scientist 

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