Pablo Schreiber cast for Halo TV series

Halo will finally get its live-action adaptation next year.

Actor Pablo Schreiber has been cast as Master Chief for the upcoming Halo series.

Schreiber is perhaps best known for his recent turn in American Gods as well as Netflix series Orange Is the New Black

The Halo series was announced in November last year and will be based on the first-person-shooter video game series.

Halo has spanned several different games since it first took the video game world by storm back in 2001.

Various adaptations have been attempted, with Peter Jackson tied to a film version for a long time before the project was eventually scrapped.

Halo revolves around an interstellar war between humanity and an alien cult called The Covenant, with players taking control of super-soldier Master Chief.

Master Chief is a lot like Judge Dredd, in that you never see him without his helmet, so fans will be hoping that the series follows this tradition.

The series is being produced by Showtime and begin filming later on this year in Budapest, with the network claiming that this is its most ambitious project yet. 

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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