Queer Eye season 6 delayed

The Fab Five will be back, but maybe a little later than usual 

With the coronavirus outbreak, fans might have to wait a lot longer for their beloved show to return for its sixth series. 

Fans around the world have already binged season 5, despite it only being released June 5th, but the good news is series 6 has already been confirmed and in the works. 

The news comes bittersweet for fans, however, as they’re going to have to wait a lot longer than usual, as it has been confirmed that the coronavirus pandemic has shut down production for the time being. 

It’ll be a shock to the system for regular viewers, who are used to waiting only a matter of months before the Fab Five grace their screens again, with the show having a staggeringly quick turn around for series releases. 

The series 6 planned release date was late 2020, which would follow the show’s pattern of releasing two seasons a year - not to mention the specials “Yass, Australia!” and “We’re in Japan!” that were released in between the mainstream show. 

The next series will see the Fab Five set up camp in Austin, Texas, with previous series having seen our food, fashion, life, design and grooming gurus operate in New York, Atlanta, Kansas City, Missouri, Illinois and Philadelphia. 

Sadly, the crew didn’t get very far at all into the filming of series 6 before everything got put on hold. Bobby Berk, the Fab Five’s incredible interior designer, told Oprah Magazine: 

“We were here (in Austin) filming season 6 and about five days into that, production got shut down because of COVID-19... We didn’t even get the first episode finished. The reveal had happened, our hero had seen the home. The only thing that hadn’t happened was our last scene where we get to watch what’s happened with them." 

When filming is given the go ahead, the whole of series 6 will still have to be filmed, so we should expect a release date sometime in 2021, if we’re lucky.

Source: Screenrant

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