Safe creator says season 2 in doubt

The newest Netflix thriller might be a one-and-done.

The creator of Netflix drama Safe has said a second season is unlikely.

Harlan Coben, who acts as the showrunner of Safe as well as the author of the novel it's based on, said in an interview that the series is a self-contained story that didn't leave much room for any follow-ups.

I don't think it would be fair to start a series where there's a murder, and a girl goes missing, and this whole community clearly is blowing up with secrets... and then not give you all the answers," Coben said.

"That's not how I do series. It's fine for other people, but it's just not how I work. If there's a season two... well, I would doubt it."

Safe is a British thriller in the mould of Broadchurch and stars US actor Michael C. Hall as a widower in a gated community whose daughter disappears suddenly.

The series is based on the novel of the same name and is the latest of Coben's works to be adapted for the screen.

Dexter and Six Feet Under star Michael C. Hall has said that he chose the series after enjoying working on a play in the UK and deciding to pursue more acting roles there.

Writer Coben said that his inspiration for Safe when he researched gated communities - something that is relatively rare in the UK.

"I was just thinking about the idea of people building fences and walls to keep the bad out, but what if [in] doing so, you keep the bad in?" Coben explained.

"That was sort of the initial thought that came to my mind: what a cool idea, to have four families stuck in this gated community. It's almost like you're setting the pot to boil, but you're keeping the lid on top. Something is going to have to give."

You can watch Safe on Netflix right now or catch Dexter and Six Feet Under via the NOW TV Entertainment Pass.

Source: Digital Spy

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