Samsung unveils 146-inch TV at CES

Samsung reveals biggest TV ever at the electronics event.

Samsung has revealed a new 146-inch TV at the Consumer Electronics Show. 

Dubbed ‘The Wall', the new TV is said to feature a micro-LED display - an improvement on OLED as it offers deeper blacks and brighter colours. 

This modular technology reportedly allows the TV to function without a backlight, meaning that blacks won't be made brighter by illumination.

TVs such as this are hard to manufacture because the panels need to be individually placed by machines, with millions of LEDs used at a time. 

Sony has previously attempted a similar technology in smallers TVs but abandoned the project when they proved to be too expensive to manufacture en masse. 

Samsung's ‘The Wall' does not yet have a price, but similar TVs unveiled at the show suggests it would probably retail at nearly £10,000.

Hisense revealed an even larger 4K projector system that beams a picture onto a wall, with the image able to go up to 150 inches.

As well as TVs that break size boundaries, Samsung also revealed a new generation of smart TVs.

This new line is set to be smarter than ever before, with Samsung's voice-activated assistant Bixby (which is present in its Galaxy smartphones) allowing users to control their TV and other smart devices.

Samsung even claimed that users will be able to ask Bixby to display the inside of their fridge on the TV screen if they have a Samsung smart fridge. 

Voice assistants have been all the rage at this year's CES, with Philips revealing its own assistant in the new line of smart TVs. 

Source: BBC News



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