Santa Clarita Diet creator talks cancelled season 4 plans

The show was cancelled back in 2019 despite very positive reviews from fans and critics alike. 

*This article contains spoilers for Santa Clarita Diet*

The creator of Netflix’s horror-comedy Santa Clarita Diet Victor Fresco has laid out where he planned to take the show before it was cancelled. 

The show starred Drew Barrymore as a suburban estate agent who suddenly transforms into a zombie with an overwhelming desire for human flesh. 

Along with her devoted husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant), they must come up with new creative ways to satiate her hunger and stay one step ahead of law enforcement while trying to find a cure. 

Its third and final season ended with Sheila turning Joel into a zombie in order to save his life. 

“We thought it would be fun to do a season with Joel and Sheila in the same boat,” Fresco said. “I feel like this would be better for us and better for our fans too.”

“Joel could have a different attitude [to Sheila], we would want him to be a little bit different in how he approaches things.”

“It will be interesting to see him with that unleashed and what he turns into. So not just who he kills and how he kills but what kind of person he becomes.”

He also spoke a little about the couple’s teenage daughter Abby (Liv Hewsom) suggesting that she could’ve become “as a hunter of the undead since both her parents are now undead.”

Santa Clarita Diet was officially cancelled by Netflix in April 2019 less than a month after its third season premiered worldwide.

All three seasons of Santa Clarita Diet are available to stream on Netflix now. 

Source: NME

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