Santa Clarita Diet is the “feel-good comedy of the year”, says star

Netflix's latest original series looks well worth devouring. 

New Netflix Original Santa Clarita Diet is the “feel-good comedy of the year”, Timothy Olyphant has claimed.

Olyphant, who stars in the show alongside Drew Barrymore, plays Joel, a man who has to provide for his wife after she becomes a zombie that eats human flesh.

Speaking in an interview with Digital Spy, Olyphant said that the scripts convinced him it was a show he wanted to be part of.

"If I had any kind of hesitation about it when I first read the first two episodes, it was... you're always curious if a show's going to settle into something very familiar or if it's going to continue to be as ambitious as the pilot.

“But I just enjoyed the whole thing. I found myself flipping pages, thinking, 'This is crazy!' and yet at the same it felt very familiar and oddly grounded, so it was really an easy decision on my part."

Olyphant was also an executive producer on the series, and describes his experience of working with Netflix as “the greatest group of neglectful parents you've ever had".

Veteran TV writer Victor Fresco, creator of cult comedy Better Off Ted, devised the show, with Netflix allowing him to fully indulge his comic sensibilities.

“With Santa Clarita Diet, Victor just wrote the show he wanted to see, and it's really fun to go to work with a guy like that, who's been given that kind of freedom to just do his thing,” Olyphant added.

“He's always worked for the networks and one of the things he told me was, whenever he tried to do his own thing, it always felt a little bit like putting a square peg through a round hole. It just didn't quite fit, quite find an audience, quite find the support.”

Santa Clarita Diet will be available to stream on Netflix from February 3rd.

Source: Digital Spy

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