Snapchat to bring original programming to app

The picture-messaging giant is dipping its toes into TV.

Snapchat is planning to bring original programming to its platform with a deal with Time Warner.

Time Warner, which owns HBO and Warner Bros., among others, has signed a deal with the photo messaging service, which is run by Snap Inc. 

The media conglomerate us due to create 10 different original shows for Snapchat, which include scripted dramas and comedy. 

These shows will be available exclusively to watch on Snapchat - an unusual ask for many of its users.

Snapchat lets users send photo, video and text messages that appear temporarily on the app. 

The service has recently come to blows with Facebook, which claims that Snapchat copied its “Stories” feature from its app network that includes Instagram.

Snapchat already has a number of deals with other TV networks, including NBC, CBS, ESPN, BBC and VICE.

Many of these partnerships have manifested as sponsored advertising that appears on the app, with the Time Warner deal being the first foray into long-form content. 

Research has shown that media companies that have signed to the Snapchat platform have seen a 16% increase in “reach”. 

The young audience of Snapchat has attracted content creators to the platform, with the app's vertical format presenting a new challenge. 

Executive vice president of Time Warner Gary Ginsberg, said that the company saw Snapchat as an exciting prospect.

“Partnering with Snap will help drive this compelling new format, exposing its user base to innovative and engaging video from brands and characters they trust and enjoy.

"We're confident this partnership will help drive larger audiences to our shows and to the new direct to consumer platforms we continue to rollout.”

Source: Mashable

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