Street Fighter live-action series announced

Go home, be a family man and watch Street Fighter.

A new series based on the video game Street Fighter has been announced.

The live-action series is reportedly being worked on by production company Entertainment One as well as the team behind Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, a 2014 web series.

The story is set to be based on the “story” of the video game classic Street Fighter 2 and will focus on the characters o0f Ken, Ryu, Chun-Li and Guile as they attempt to take down criminal mastermind M. Bison.

Much like in the games, the characters will take part in Bison's ‘World Warrior Tournament' and compete to see who is the best fighter in the world.

The Street Fighter series of games is in the fighting game genre, with two players picking from a cast of characters and fighting against each other.

The nature of the genre means that storytelling in the games is on the lighter side.

Nevertheless, this has not stopped studios from attempting film and TV adaptations of the biggest games in the genre, with 2 Mortal Kombat films and a Street Fighter film starring Jean Claude Van-Damme being made in the ‘90s.

Video game film adaptations are still going strong (depending on your definition of strong), with a new Tomb Raider film hitting cinemas this month and an Uncharted film in the works.

Netflix has also jumped into the realm of video game TV series, with the recent animated Castlevania series receiving critical acclaim and a live-action Witcher series currently in production.

A release date or channel for the Street Fighter series has yet to be set.

Source: Screen Rant

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