The Man in the High Castle casts its Man

The casting for The Man in the High Castle’s enigmatic title character has been revealed. 


Stephen Root, known for his roles in Office Space and The West Wing, will play the mysterious Man in the High Castle, named Hawthorne Abendsen. 

The show, which portrays an alternative future where the Nazis won the Second World War and have taken over America, is due to return for its second season in December. 

Based on Philip K. Dick's 1962 novel, The Man in the High Castle has only teased the titular character so far, but is due to reveal him in the upcoming episodes. 

Whilst the show has been largely faithful to the book, some changes have been made for the TV adaption.

The character of Abendsen in the novel is penning a book where the Allies have won, with the show changing him into a propaganda filmmaker in order to complement the visual medium. 

Root, who plays the character, is probably best known for his hilarious role in 1999 comedy film Office Space, where he played nerdy office jobsworth Milton. 

Since then, the actor has appeared in a number of high-profile TV shows, such as The West Wing, Adventure Time, King of the Hill and the recent Comedy Central sitcom Idiotsitter

The Man in the High Castle is gearing up for a highly anticipated second season, which is expected to launch on Amazon Prime Video on December 16th. You can stream the entire first season right now.

For more information on how to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video, check out Digital TV.

Source: A.V. Club 

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