The Man Who Fell To Earth series casts Chiwetel Ejiofor as lead

The Academy-Award winner won't be playing the same character as David Bowie in the 1976 film.

Doctor Strange's Chiwetel Ejiofor will star in the upcoming The Man Who Fell To Earth series.

The series is based on the cult 70s film of the same name directed by Nicholas Roeg and starring David Bowie, which was in turn adapted from the 1963 novel by Walter Tevis.  

Ejiofor will play a different character to the musician’s humanoid alien Thomas Jerome Newton who travels to earth in search of a way to send water back to his drought stricken home planet. 

Alex Kurtzman will direct and serve as both co-showrunner and co-writer with Jenny Lumet. They previously worked together on the 2017 Mummy reboot with Tom Cruise. 

It’s not yet known exactly what plotline the series will follow but upon the show’s announcement in 2019 the pair said that it will explore the “next chapter” in the story, suggesting it may serve as a sequel to Roeg’s film. 

“Some strings will connect to both the novel and the film but if you haven’t seen the film or haven’t read the novel, it’s fine,” Kurtzman said.

“You’ll get to have an experience that’s entirely singular. If you have, you’ll have the benefit of understanding the history of the world that both of those things set up.”

“We loved the emotional moments in the book and we loved the visual spectacle of the movie,” Lumet added. “We’re taking it forward.”

Source: NME

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