The Night Manager showrunners talk series 2

The spy thriller will return to BBC next year.

The writer of the new series of The Night Manager has spoken out about what fans can expect.

Spy novelist and screenwriter Charles Cumming is part of the four-person team which is developing the new series and spoke in an interview about what the series will entail.

"All I am permitted to say is that le Carré has given his blessing to the project, The four of us in the writers' room are sworn to silence.

"Some characters that the audience know and love will be returning, others will not. The locations will be sumptuous, the plot as thrilling and as thematically complex as a le Carré story should be."

The Night Manager is based on the novel by legendary spy writer John le Carre and starred Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie and Olivia Colman.

The series was a huge hit when it first aired, with the BBC and AMC (which co-produced it) quickly commissioning a second series despite it being based on a standalone novel.

Hiddleston has claimed that he would be interested in returning to the role of protagonist Jonathan Pine, though this has not yet been confirmed.

Whilst le Carre has given his blessing for a sequel series, he won’t be on hand to help with the writing process like he was with the previous, meaning the writers will be charged with crafting their own spy story.

Charles Cumming added that the idea is to expand on the universe and characters of the show.

"Our job is to write a season that's going to be even better than the first one, but also stay faithful to the tone of the world that was created by le Carré and to the characters.

"We are all aware that the bar has been set very high in terms of audience expectations. The challenge facing us is to meet those expectations, hopefully even to surpass them."

You can watch the full first series of The Night Manager on Amazon Prime Video now.

Source: Digital Spy

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