The Simpsons to become Disney+ exclusive

America's most famous family is headed to Disney.

Disney has announced that The Simpsons will stream exclusively on its new platform.

The entertainment giant yesterday announced a number of different plans for its service, including the US launch date, which is scheduled to be November 12th. 

One of the announcements was that Disney+ is set to be the exclusive streaming platform for The Simpsons going forward.

The legendary comedy series, which is currently airing its 30th season, was acquired by Disney as part of its deal to own the majority of 20th Century Fox.

Streaming rights to the series have always been difficult to obtain, with the show currently exclusive to Sky in the UK.

This means that the following seasons of The Simpsons will be available to stream on Disney+ after they’re broadcast on Fox in the US.

Disney+ will also launch with all 30 seasons available to stream straight away when it launches.

Plans to launch Disney+ in the UK have not yet been announced, though it will inevitably makes its way there.

What Sky owns the rights to compared to Disney may make the service a bit of a complicated issue in the UK, though it’s unlikely that either company will dominate entirely.

Source: AV Club

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