The Tick series ordered by Amazon after pilot

A full series of superhero spoof The Tick has been ordered by Amazon after the success of the pilot episode.


Amazon ordered the series as part of its new commissioning system, which also granted a full run to Jean-Claude Van Damme sitcom Jean-Claude Van Johnson.

Amazon allows its subscribers to watch pilots of potential shows and then vote on the ones they would like to see as a full series.

The Tick, starring Peter Serafinowicz, is an adaption of the long-running comic book series and follows the titular superhero as he attempts to save his city from crime.

This series aims to parody other superheroes by putting a comedic twist on the standard tropes of the genre. 

A Tick series previously aired on FOX in 2001, but only lasted one season, with the animated series enjoying cult success before that. 

The new show will be directed by Wally Pfister, known for his cinematography work alongside Christopher Nolan in the Dark Knight trilogy. 

Along with The Tick, Amazon has ordered series for two other new comedies.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson will star the Belgian action star as himself, as he attempts to perform real-life undercover work in between acting roles.

As well as this, a new series interestingly named I Love Dick will star Kevin Bacon as a sociologist attempting to help a married couple of intellectuals. 

Amazon's Emmy award-winning sitcom Transparent is also scheduled to return over the coming 12 months.

All these shows are expected to debut in 2017 and will be watchable via Amazon's Prime Video streaming service. 

Source: Digital Spy 

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