Trouble looms for Carrie in Homeland premiere 'Separation Anxiety'

Homeland has returned and Carrie’s attempts to distance herself from the CIA look like they won’t keep her out of trouble for long.

After the well-received season 4's surprisingly subdued ending, Carrie has left the famous espionage-mongers and joined a philanthropic foundation operating from Germany.  She is being a mum, not being a spy and generally strolling quietly through life.

The first episode involves the organisation of a visit by her current employer, Otto Düring, to a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon, with Carrie trying to sort out safe passage.  At the same time, a not-quite-convincing hacking accident sees classified CIA files make their way into the hands of two randoms.

It's only the first episode, but it doesn't take long for Carrie to find herself in a situation that would terrify the bells off a normal human being.

Quinn is back as the steely-eyed super-assassin, and Saul also returns in a position of power within the CIA, but not the one he wanted, possibly due to something Carrie said.

The fifth season is somewhat of a reboot, as was the fourth season, and our setting now looks like it will mainly be Germany.

Showrunner Alex Gansa spoke to the Radio Times, and said: “We've located Carrie [Claire Danes] emotionally in a space where she's running from her past but she can't hide from it.

“So this is two years after the end of season four, and she is presently working for a German philanthropist. This is a guy who is all over the world, championing human rights and open societies and democracies. And she provides security wherever he goes.”

The set-up may not be particularly subtle, but refreshing the setting and moving the story along a couple of years looks to be a good move.  The characters have settled into their current lives, with Saul getting angry at subordinates, Quinn shooting people whose names he finds in a locker and Carrie helping a rich man help refugees.

Homeland season 5 starts in the UK on Sunday 11th October at 9pm on Channel 4.

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