True Lies TV show to go ahead with James Cameron

The '90s action classic will hit the small screen.

A TV reboot of the film True Lies is set to be produced, with director James Cameron overseeing the project.

A new version of James Cameron's 1994 actioner has been rumoured for a while, but it is now confirmed to be going ahead with Cameron set to executive produce. 

The project is the latest in a number of TV reboots of classic movies, with FOX recently taking on The Exorcist to some success and Lethal Weapon to less success.The network also attempted a short-lived Minority Report reboot a few years ago.

True Lies starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a secret agent who masquerades as a timid computer salesman and Jamie Lee Curtis as his happy but bland wife Helen. When a terrorist sting goes awry, both end up captured, meaning they'll have to come to work together to survive.

The film is generally well-liked despite its extremely silly plot and expensive action set pieces, which see Arnie hang off helicopter and fire a baddie into a building using a jet missile.

FOX has ordered a pilot for the series, which is slated to be written by Arrow producer Marc Guggenheim and directed by McG (that's his full name), of Terminator Salvation and the Charlie's Angels films. How's that for a pedigree? 

With this being a reboot of the movie, it's fair to assume that neither Arnie or Jamie Lee Curtis will be involved, though it's not yet known who will be cast in the lead roles.

In separate news, a new Halloween movie was recently announced with Curtis reprising her role as Laurie Strode, with the film set to be a true sequel to the first 2 films.

Source: Screen Rant

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