Turner and Hooch series set for Disney+

The streaming latform will be available in the UK from March 2020.

Disney+ has announced they’re developing a new Turner and Hooch TV series.

Keeping the premise of the original 1989 film, the plot will also revolve around a straight-laced police officer and his large dog solving crimes. 

It’s not currently clear how many episodes will be produced or who will play Turner, a role which was previously filled by Tom Hanks. 

The search is on for a director but Burn Notice and The Gifted creator Matt Nix has been chosen to write the series and serve as an executive producer. 

US TV network ABC previously tried to launch a Turner and Hooch series in the early 90s starring Thomas F. Wilson and with Beasley the Dog reprising his role. 

Although half-an-hour pilot aired, the series wasn’t picked up for a full order. 

Disney+ is due to launch here in the UK in March 2020 with such eagerly anticipated titles as Star Wars spinoff The Mandalorian

A release date for Turner and Hooch has yet to be confirmed.  

Source: Variety 

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