Twin Peaks creator “musing” over season 4

New Twin Peaks episodes could be in the works.

One of the creators of Twin Peaks have said that they are considering pursuing a 4th season of the series.

Mark Frost, who created the series alongside surrealist director David Lynch, said that a 4th season could be a possibility.

In an interview, the writer said that he was thinking about what could be next for the seemingly finished show, with season 3 producers Showtime also considering the project.

“I haven't decided yet. I think it's still an open question and it's one that we're looking at and one that I think Showtime is musing as well.

“It's something you have to think long and hard about. We'll make the decision when the time is right. There certainly is no sense of urgency about it.”

Despite this, the likelihood of a 4th season emerging anytime soon is low, with David Lynch himself previously saying it would be too great a task.

Twin Peaks: The Return took nearly 4 years to write and film, so any 4th season is at least 3 years away at best.

The ending of The Return did seem to leave the door open for more episodes, with Agent Cooper and an alternative version of Laura Palmer seemingly stuck in a different universe to our own.

With such an ambiguous ending, many fans have been clamouring for more answers alongside more episodes, though Lynch (who is famously tight-lipped about his projects) has urged viewers to go forward with their own interpretations.

The new season was largely well-received by viewers, despite some lamenting the dramatic change in tone from the older series, with The Return being more of a sequel to Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me rather than the original show.

You can still catch Twin Peaks: The Return, as well as the original series, on NOW TV Entertainment Pass right now.

Source: Screen Rant 

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