V for Vendetta series rumoured to be in works

V could be making his way to Channel 4 in the future.

A new TV series based on the graphic novel V for Vendetta is rumoured to be in development.

The rumour, which has spawned from culture website Bleeding Cool, claims that Channel 4 is eyeing-up an option to turn the novel into a TV series.

The book, written by legendary comic author Alan Moore, is set in a fascist Britain where the mysterious V (who wears the now infamous Guy Fawkes mask) plans a revolution.

The novel is intended to be Moore's reaction to Thatcherism, with the classically outspoken writer frequently condemning the former Prime Minister.

Much like the majority of Alan Moore's works, V for Vendetta has already been made into a film, which starred Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving.

The film had a reasonable reaction, with some fans decrying the changes made from the book, which included a more triumphant ending. 

Adaptations of Moore's work frequently have trouble during production due to the complexity of his writing, which can be hard to squeeze into a single film. Moore himself has always denounced any other versions of his work as pointless, with his name never appearing in the credits. 

A TV series could therefore be a better way of fleshing out the story, though weather Channel 4 would have the funds to do it justice is another matter.

This is the latest of Moore's works to be optioned for TV, with a Watchmen pilot already being worked on by The Leftovers' Damon Lindelof.

With the varying quality of Moore adaptations, it'll be interesting to see whether a V for Vendetta series ends up like the effective From Hell or the rightfully maligned League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Source: Screen Rant

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