Westworld season 3 to air in 2020

Plenty of time to rewatch the first two.

Season 3 of Westworld won’t air until 2020, HBO has said.

The sci-fi western series aired its second season in 2018 and was thought to potentially return this year.

Now, HBO has confirmed that the series won’t return until next year, meaning it’ll likely be around 18 months in between seasons. 

The first season of Westworld aired in 2016, making this the second 2-year gap for the show. 

Westworld is one of HBO’s biggest shows as well as one of its most expensive. Season 2 was delayed a number of times thanks to its complex filming process. 

The series is based on the 1973 movie of the same name and stars Evan Rachael-Wood, Thandie Newton and Ed Harris. 

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul has reportedly been cast as a major character for the third season, though there is little information beyond that.

Season 2 ended with the androids finally escaping the park and heading into the real world, so you can expect season 3 to be even more complex.

You can watch both seasons of Westworld in full via NOW TV Entertainment and Sky Box Sets.

Source: Screen Rant

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