YouView with TalkTalk

TalkTalk helped to develop the YouView platform, and through this set-top box TalkTalk customers can access digital TV, including the Freeview channels, catch-up TV from the last week, and on demand content.

What is YouView?

YouView provides a digital TV service through its set-top box, and you have access to Freeview channels, on demand content and catch-up TV.  A YouView+ box connects to both your aerial and your broadband connection, allowing you to watch the free-to-air digital channels and download shows from YouView’s library.

Through a TalkTalk-branded YouView box, TalkTalk is able to offers its customers broadband, calls and digital TV.  TalkTalk is a renowned internet and home phone provider, but has expanded its service to include TV so that customers can enjoy a complete package from one provider at a low monthly cost.

YouView Box

The YouView+ box, which is used for the TalkTalk Plus TV service, offers the ScrollBack guide, letting you catch-up on the last week’s entertainment from BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.  Whilst you can catch-up with these services via laptop or PC, YouView brings them to your home TV.

YouView also offers a library of on demand content, so TalkTalk Plus TV customers can download from this selection through their broadband, and watch when they like.  The YouView+ box lets you pause, rewind and record live TV, so you have control over your viewing, and you can store over 200 hours of content.  It also features a useful search function so you can find a specific programme quickly and easily.

YouView Channels

The channels available through YouView are the Freeview channels; you connect your YouView+ box to your home aerial, and this picks up the Freeview digital stations.  Popular channels including BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, as well as alternative sister channels like BBC Three and E4, are all included, and you can watch +1 stations airing shows an hour later than the standard broadcast.

TalkTalk Plus TV customers have the option of expanding their channel selection through TV Boosts.  These let you add premium content such as Sky Movies and Sky Sports to your monthly subscription.

YouView HD

The YouView box supports HD, so you can watch in stunning high definition and get more from your favourite shows.  You need an HD-ready TV, and the high definition channels included are the free-to-air stations such as BBC HD.