What is YouView?

YouView is a digital TV service which utilises a home broadband connection in order to bring you catch-up and on demand content as well.  YouView connect to both your aerial and your internet, and you can pause, rewind and record live TV.

With YouView, you get access to over 70 Freeview channels, including the popular, mainstream stations from BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, and you can watch from the last 7 days with YouView’s ScrollBack feature.  The on demand content includes films and TV, and the set-top box makes it easy to search for programmes you like.

There is no monthly subscription when you take YouView direct, but you do need a broadband connection in place to use the benefits.  You can also take YouView as part of a package from TalkTalk or BT.

YouView Catch-Up

You can watch 7 days’ catch-up TV with YouView, through the set-top box ScrollBack feature.  This lets you access TV from BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5, so you don’t have to worry about missing your favourite programmes.  Whilst these catch-up platforms are available online, YouView brings them to your TV, and gives you a clear, simple guide to browse through for content.

There is a library of other on demand content available for you to download to the box and watch, which includes movies, TV and radio shows.

Don’t forget you can also save shows and movies with the YouView box, so if you’re worried about missing something you can always set it to record.

YouView Box

YouView’s box offers the technology to let you pause, rewind and record live TV.  You can move shows back if you missed a bit or want to watch again, and if you need to run off to make a snack, or nature calls, then pause will always prove useful.  With the record function, you can store over 200 hours of standard definition TV on the box, and watch back when you like.

The box offers a useful search function, and the ScrollBack feature for catch-up TV.

YouView and BT

YouView is available with BT, giving you broadband, calls and digital TV in one package.  BT offers its own library of on demand content through BT TV, so taking YouView gives you even more TV available to watch whenever you want.  YouView will also bring the free-to-air HD channels, as well as the ScrollBack feature which makes it easy to search through catch-up programmes.

YouView and TalkTalk

YouView can be taken as part of a package with broadband and calls provider TalkTalk.  With this deal you get TalkTalk’s low-cost broadband and home phone, as well as YouView’s TV, for a monthly fee.

This brings all the benefits of YouView, including the Freeview channels, free-to-air HD channels, ScrollBack for catch-up, on demand content and set-top box features, as well as the essential broadband connection needed for the service.

You can also add to your viewing with TalkTalk Boosts, offering additional premium content, like Sky Sports, for an extra fee.