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Enjoy fast broadband and fibre with unlimited usage

  • Fantastically fast and reliable broadband
  • Average 63Mbps with Super Fibre
  • Unlimited monthly usage
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About NOW Broadband

NOW Broadband gives you fast, reliable home broadband, and you get unlimited monthly usage no matter which broadband or fibre package you choose, as well as hassle-free switching thanks to NOW Broadband's dedicated team.

NOW Broadband offers a fast, flexible home broadband service, with the option of superfast fibre, as well as unlimited monthly usage.

It's simple, fast and reliable, with a competitive price on each of the broadband packages. The base package, Brilliant Broadband, offers an average download speed of 11Mbps, so it's ideal for those needing a standard connection. This would be suitable for checking mail and social, streaming short clips and listening to music.

If you go online and stream films or want to download movies quickly then a fibre connection is better. Now Broadband offers 36Mbps on average with Fab Fibre, or 63Mbps on average with its top tier package, Super Fibre.

All three packages offer unlimited monthly usage, which is essential if you download or stream a lot throughout the month, and it's on a 12-month contract.

NOW Broadband also offers a dedicated switching team to make it easier for customers to move to their service.

As well as broadband you also have an inclusive home calls package, with different options so you can pick something ideally suited to your likely usage.

If you're interested in TV then you can get access to premium, exclusive content from Sky, including Sky Cinema and Sky Sports, without committing long-term. Just combine your NOW Broadband with one or more of the contract-free NOW TV Passes.

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