BT TV & Broadband

What is BT Broadband?

BT offers a fast, reliable broadband service, which can be bundled with a calls package and BT TV. BT also offers superfast fibre with BT Infinity.

With BT Broadband you can get up to 16Mbps (megabits per second) download speed, or up to 76Mb with BT Infinity, all depending on your area.  There are different levels of download allowance to suit different needs; those who are heavy downloaders, regularly streaming content, downloading movies and playing online games, will want a larger allowance, whilst a smaller usage limit would suit more casual web browsers.

If you don’t want a capped allowance, then you can choose an Unlimited Broadband package for truly unlimited data download.

The BT Broadband and Infinity packages also come with benefits, such as a BT Home Hub, security and free Wi-Fi at connection hotspots across the UK.

The broadband packages can include one of the following levels of inclusive calls:

• Anytime Calls

• Evening & Weekend Calls

• Weekend Calls

BT 10GB Broadband

The smallest BT Broadband package includes a download limit.  This makes it cheaper, and is suitable for the most casual web users.  If you want to regularly download movies and music, or stream content from sites like YouTube, then you may want to go for a package with a higher download limit, or with unlimited downloads over each month.

10GB monthly would be good for checking emails, social networks and sites for news, along with the occasional movie download.  

Once you start regularly using the internet you could go over the limit, which could result in an additional charge to your bill.  With this package, the broadband speed is up to 16Mb, but the actual speed will depend on your area and the time of day.

The BT Home Hub is included, along with a basic security package and free Wi-Fi minutes at public hotspots.

BT Infinity - 20GB

With BT Infinity - 20GB you get an increased monthly allowance of 20GB for data.  This means that your usage can be twice that of the smaller BT Broadband package, and you would be able to download more movies and music.  There is still a limit, so you would need to be aware of how much of your allowance is being used by your web activity.

BT Infinity - 20GB deals will include a BT Home Hub, free Wi-Fi minutes at public hotspots and an advanced security package.  You can get up to 36Mb download speeds through the fibre-optic network, as well as fast upload speeds.

Your package will include home phone minutes, with the option to add Unlimited Anytime Calls.

BT Unlimited Broadband & Infinity

With any BT Unlimited package, you get unlimited downloads, so there is no cap in place when you download movies, music, photos and other data.  This is ideal for web users who download heavily throughout the month, and you don’t have to worry about going over any limits.

You could choose the standard ADSL connection of up to 16Mb, depending on your location, or choose BT Infinity for fibre-optic broadband, which offers speeds of up to 38Mb or up to 76Mb.  Fibre-optic broadband technology provides a broadband speed that is consistently close to the maximum achievable.

BT Unlimited broadband services come with free Wi-Fi minutes at public hotspots, a BT Home Hub and advanced security.  Minimum contracts will apply for any broadband package with BT.

BT Infinity Broadband

Superfast broadband gives you web browsing with truly impressive fluidity.  Whilst most broadband providers will offer maximum download speeds of 16-20Mbps, the latest innovations have raised the bar.

Using fibre-optic cable, BT TV vastly increases the maximum download speed, giving customers up to 38Mb or 76Mb, depending on the choice of package.  This makes a definitive difference to the speed and effectiveness of downloading music and movies, as well as streaming content, playing games and uploading files such as pictures and home-made movies.

BT Infinity includes a calls package, along with plenty of extras such as a free BT Home Hub and free Wi-Fi at connection hotspots throughout the UK.  BT Infinity is available with capped usage, or unlimited data, and any BT Broadband and calls deal can be bundled with BT TV.

BT Broadband Speeds

With ADSL broadband (the kind which uses the phone line), speeds can vary depending on your location and the time of day, amongst other factors.  Each provider will advertise the maximum broadband speeds achievable,  but the genuine speeds can vary greatly and will probably average much lower than the advertised maximum.

Thanks to fibre-optic technology it is possible to get superfast broadband, and with BT Infinity you can get these ultra-quick download speeds throughout the day.  The BT Infinity package offers up to 38Mb or up to 76Mb, depending on package.  The broadband speeds achieved through the fibre-optic network will be much closer to the advertised maximum, with a single song downloading in less than a second.

BT Home Hub

The BT Home Hub comes with your BT Broadband package, and it operates as your internet router in the home.  It offers a strong and reliable wireless signal, so you can run a good wireless network in the house, and it is energy efficient thanks to the auto-low-power mode activated when there is no web activity.

It is easy to set up, and does not add any extra monthly charge to your subscription.

BT Broadband Deals

BT has a lot of deals available which tie in with the broadband packages.  You can choose a calls and broadband bundle, and add the digital TV service BT TV.  The major digital TV providers which offer phone and web services as well will advertise various incentives and offers.

There are a lot of deals to check out, so compare digital TV, broadband and phone to find the best offer.  You can use the comparison tools to see how offers from one provider look against a similar offer from elsewhere, and the simple collated set of results make it easier to browse the deals.

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