Sky Store

Sky Store brings you thousands of movies available to rent on demand. Choose from a range of genres, with new movie releases and loads of film favourites ready whenever you want.

What is Sky Store?

Sky Store is part of Sky’s On Demand services, available to customers with both Sky TV and Sky Broadband.  You have access to thousands of movies, ranging from old classics to brand new releases, with some films available the same day they debut on DVD.  You pick your film, it downloads to your Sky+HD set-top and then it’s ready to watch when you want.

Setting up Sky Store

You need to be activated for On Demand, but it’s a quick and easy set-up.  Your Sky broadband router must be connected to your Sky+HD box, so you do need to have both TV and internet from Sky.  Once connected, you are ready to go with all the On Demand services, and you also have the option of wireless web connection to your set-top box, as long as both the router and box offer this function.

Sky Store library

Sky Store’s movie library spans a range of genres, and you choose your movie using the genre tabs.  So, whether you want comedy, drama or action, it’s easy to find the right film for your evening’s entertainment.  You can also browse through the most popular movies, which will likely include the new releases and cinematic blockbusters.  

There are special offers too, with films from 99p and cheap prices on loads of film favourites.

Sky’s rental fees

The price for your rental is added to your next Sky bill, so you don’t pay upfront.  The actual cost of each movie can vary, but the prices are competitive with the high street and online movie rental brands, and with the special offers you can get low prices on plenty of popular films and genre classics.