Virgin Media Player

What is Virgin Media Player?

Virgin Media Player is an online on demand service that works using your Virgin Broadband connection.  You can watch from the Catch-Up TV and TV Choice On Demand libraries whenever you like, and enjoy TV from channels including BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, Channel 4, MTV and Comedy Central.

If you are a Virgin Media XL customer with Virgin Broadband then you already have unlimited access for free.  If you are on a smaller package then you can upgrade to XL, but you need the Virgin Broadband connection in order to watch the on demand content.

How does Virgin Media Player work?

When you subscribe to Virgin Media TV XL package along with Virgin Broadband, you can use Virgin Media Player whenever you like.  All you have to do is sign in online with your Virgin Media email address and you can choose from the library of on demand content.  The shows available are refreshed regularly, and the Virgin Media Player is designed to be simple and user-friendly.

You can do a search for a particular TV show, or browse through lists of TV from the on demand and catch-up libraries.

If you have a Virgin mobile, you can watch for free on the handset for a limited time each day, as long as you also have TV XL and Virgin Broadband.  If you have a handset from another provider, or you want to have more viewing time on your Virgin mobile, you can buy a pass, which will give you a set amount of extra time at a one-off cost, to be used within 24 hours.

How much does Virgin Media Player cost?

Virgin Media Player is free to TV XL customers with Virgin Broadband.  If your viewing package is smaller you would need to upgrade, and if you don’t have Virgin Broadband you would need to add it to your subscription.