Riviera recap - What happened in seasons 1 and 2?


Riviera is one of the most popular of Sky’s Original shows, offering high production values alongside top-quality acting and one of TV’s most gripping plotlines. 

Season 3 is well underway exclusively on Sky Atlantic, Sky Box Sets and NOW TV Entertainment, with viewers able to watch every Thursday at 9pm or catch the full series now.

What’s Riviera about?

The series is set in the French Riviera and follows Georgina Clios (Julia Stiles), a wealthy American art curator whose husband, Constantine Clios is suddenly killed in a boating accident. Georgina must find out the truth behind her husband’s death whilst navigating the world of lies that exists among her wealthy friends and neighbours. 

After Georgina learns of her husband’s death, she returns to the Riviera for the funeral, where she meets her husband’s children Adam, Christos and Adriana. 

Vowing to find out who caused the explosion that killed her husband, she starts an investigation that leads her to discovering that he was being tailed by Interpol. Constantine was into some shady business dealings involving money laundering and art forgery.

Georgina gets involved with Russian oligarch Grigory Litvinov, whom Constantine was in business with. People keep dying around Georgina, with her husband’s Russian enemies seemingly covering their tracks by taking out people who might know about the murder.

Eventually, Georgina finally discovers the identity of her husband’s killer, leading to a cliffhanger that leads into the show’s second season. 

What happened in Riviera season 2?

Season 2 kicked off exactly where season 1 ended, with Georgina seemingly getting her revenge for her husband’s murder. While dumping the body, she falls overboard and is rescued by wealthy businessman Rafi and his wife Daphne, without knowing what happened to the body.

Georgina spends much of season two trying to deflect from the fact that she killed Adam, her stepson, with many of the characters assuming he’s gone missing. Throughout the season, we delve into her dark past and are introduced to her uncle Jeff (played by Will Arnett).

The most shocking reveal was, of course, the fact that Georgina’s husband Constantine is in fact still alive, and is being harboured by his ex-lover Cassie, who reveals that he is also the father to her children. 

Season 2 ended with Georgina burning down her gallery, with season 3 set to continue her story.

What will happen in Riviera season 3?

Season 3 will pick up a year on from the explosive final episode of season 2. Georgina has abandoned the Riviera for a new life with a new name and is now scouring the world for stolen works of art with her partner Gabrial. When they confiscate a rare work of art from a corrupt dealer, they’re thrown into a world of dark conspiracy. 

How can I watch Riviera season 3?

Riviera airs every Thursday at 9pm on Sky Atlantic, but if you want to wait, you can watch all the episodes right now via Sky Box Sets or on NOW TV with an Entertainment Pass. You’ll also be able to catch up with seasons 1 and 2 as part of these services.

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