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Our Amazon Prime Review

Amazon Prime is the US-based online retailer’s subscription service, which includes Amazon Prime Video.  This gives customers access to thousands of TV shows and movies, and streaming is unlimited for members, so you can watch as much as you like.  A range of brand new films and series to rent or buy are also added on a regular basis.

It’s worth noting that if your home or mobile web connection has a data allowance then streaming from Amazon Prime will use that up, so members are best off having plenty of monthly usage available, preferably unlimited.

Sign-up is easy, and if you are already an account holder with Amazon then you can get started with your free trial in just a couple of minutes.  Amazon promotes the service quite heavily, and if you make an order which is direct with Amazon you will probably see some incentives as you check out your purchase.

Once you are using the service, you’ll find the process is really fluid and user-friendly.  You can see categorised options such as ‘Recently Added TV’ and ‘Most Popular Movies’, and switch between titles available with Prime and those available to rent or buy.

Amazon has also started producing its own content, called Amazon Originals, and these are exclusively available through Amazon Prime as part of the subscription.  One of the first Amazon Originals, ‘The Man In The High Castle’, adapted from the work by Phillip K. Dick, has been met with critical acclaim, and a number of other original programs are in the pipeline, including Jeremy Clarkson’s new car show.

Once you’ve chosen a show or movie, you simply select it and start streaming.  You will get the best experience with a superfast connection, so you really need fibre broadband installed at home.  This way you can enjoy buffer-free viewing at any time of day.

Members of Amazon Prime see several other benefits which make the service excellent value for money, such as Unlimited One-Day Delivery and Same-Day Delivery, which is eligible on millions of items.

Music fans will enjoy Prime Music, which lets customers stream and store music through a cloud-based service, and for book-lovers there’s Kindle First, for UK early access to download a new book each month.  There’s also the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, which gives UK members access to borrow one book per month for no extra cost.

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