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Includes Sky Q Box Build Your Ideal TV Bundle!
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Build Your Ideal TV Bundle!

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£22.00 for 18 months usually£27.00

  • 388Freechannels
  • 20HDchannels
£22.00 for 18 months usually£27.00More info Go
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Sky Sports For £23.00 a month

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  • Includes Broadband
  • Includes Phone
  • Includes TV
Mix TV Bundle with Fibre Broadband and Talk Weekends

Mix TV Bundle with Fibre Broadband and Talk Weekends

Includes V6 Box Over 150 channels, Plus Players & Catch Up!
Free call: 020 3974 9025

Mix TV Bundle with Fibre Broadband and Talk Weekends

Over 150 channels, Plus Players & Catch Up!

£47.00 for 12 months usually£58.00

Free call: 020 3974 9025
  • 150Freechannels
  • 11HDchannels
£47.00 for 12 months usually£58.00More info Go
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Sky Cinema £21.00 a month

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About Digital TV

Welcome to Digital TV, the home of comprehensive digital TV comparison and information.  This website has been designed to provide a user-friendly, reliable and impartial resource for digital TV deals and offers.  You can search for packages from the UK’s major digital TV providers, and read helpful information and expert guides.

When you search our website for results, and you find an offer you like, there will be a one-click link to the provider so you can get the digital TV service of your choice.  Digital TV aims to provide honest, accurate and detailed information, helping you to make the right decision about your digital TV provider.

The deals and offers from the UK’s digital TV providers, such as Sky, Virgin Media and BT TV, can change regularly.  This keeps the offers interesting and appealing, but you will want to make sure you are looking at current deals, which is why our website is constantly updated, so as to ensure a high level of accuracy.

If you want to read more about each provider, including the subscription-free digital broadcasting services Freesat and Freeview, then you can do this with Digital TV.  As well as collated package results from each provider, we also have comprehensive information, including the key selling points and other services that may be offered.  

Many customers like to get a TV, broadband and phone deal from their provider for convenience, so we tell you all you need to know about this.

Digital TV is your reliable one-stop online resource, making it easy for you to effectively compare digital TV.

Getting a Great Deal

When you use online tools to compare digital TV, you make it much easier to find an offer you like.  Each provider will have offers and incentives, and not just for digital TV but for other services too.  Sky, Virgin Media and BT TV can all be bundled with broadband and calls.  This gives you all three services from one provider, which is both convenient and cost-effective.  The providers are competing for you as a customer, so you benefit because they have to try and match or better each other’s deals.

They will also direct your focus to some of their major selling points; Sky can boast being home to exclusive sports and movies with Sky Sports and Sky Cinema, whilst also offering a huge range of HD channels, whilst Virgin Media offers incredible superfast broadband and a wide range of channels, and BT has its own selection of on demand content.

Digital TV provider deals are regularly changed and refreshed, so if you are considering switching provider or upgrading it’s useful to keep checking and comparing, because you are likely to find something that suits you.

As long as you make good use of the beneficial comparison tools available to you, then you can get a great deal on digital TV.  Our website provides you with everything you need to make an informed decision about your new provider, and our helpful digital TV guides give you plenty of information about the world of digital TV.

How To Switch Provider

Many UK digital TV viewers decide they want to change provider; it may be because they have seen a better deal online than their current service, or they might just want to move from a free provider to one with a monthly subscription, in order to get more channels and benefits.

Whatever the reason, if you want to switch you will need to make sure that you’re not currently committed to any provider.  If you have a subscription-based provider and you want to switch, it is likely that you will have agreed to a minimum term contract.

If you are still within the contract then you are obliged to stay, and leaving the service could incur a charge which might even be the full cost of your remaining commitment.  It is better to let the contract run its course until you are no longer committed to the service.

Once you are free from a contract you can compare digital TV deals from Sky, Virgin Media or BT TV, and using a reliable resource like Digital TV will give you the best chance of getting the right deal.  When you find the right digital TV offer, you can follow the online link and begin the process of switching.

You will need to tell your current provider you are leaving them, and even if you are out of the contract you may still need to give notice.  Always let your new provider know you are switching so they can help make the transition easier for you.

All about Digital TV

Digital TV brings more benefit than analogue; the reason the UK has taken the steps to move to digital and shut down the analogue signal is because it provides a better and broader experience for viewers.  Digital is a far more advanced and economical way to send signals, and it allows for a wealth of channels to be broadcast simultaneously.  It also allows for interactive features, such as the popular red button facilities.

Digital TV also provides a much better picture than analogue, and allows for you to bring HD into your home.  High definition brings enhanced picture and sound for a thrilling, vivid viewing experience, and if you have an HD-ready TV with an HD box from your digital TV provider, and HD channels included, then you can enjoy TV in this revolutionary, stunning format.

There are different digital TV providers to choose from, including a free service throughout the UK called Freeview, which has no monthly subscription, and all you need is the set-top box and working aerial.  Another free service is Freesat, which broadcasts via satellite and brings you more free channels, and again the only cost is equipment.

A lot of digital TV viewers decide to go with a service that requires a monthly subscription, because it can bring many more benefits, along with exclusive content and the option to combine with broadband and home phone services.  These providers compete with each other for your custom, so when you compare digital TV deals you can easily search the offers available and click on the link for the one you like.

Provider Overview

There are different digital TV providers to choose from, and they all have their appealing, unique selling points.  It all depends on exactly what you want from your provider; how much you are willing to pay, the amount and types of channels you want, extra features and other additional home services.

Sky provides a satellite TV service, which can include a huge selection of entertainment channels.  You can decide whether you want the standard or comprehensive viewing pack, and much of Sky’s popularity comes from the exclusive live sport on Sky Sports, and brand film releases and favourites on Sky Movies.  Customers can get the HD pack to open up the stunning high definition channels, and there is also the option to combine with Sky Broadband and Talk for internet and home calls.

Virgin Media is renowned for its revolutionary broadband services, offering superfast speeds to customers, and constantly testing faster and more effective web connectivity for UK homes.  Virgin Media also offers a comprehensive digital TV service and HD, run through the fibre-optic network that is used for the broadband.  The channel selection is wide and varied, and some exclusive Sky content can be added too.

BT TV offers viewers the Freeview free-to-air channels, along with a range of on demand and catch-up content, as well as extra channels available with the higher tier package.  Using a BT Broadband connection, you can download content, either included in your subscription or rented for a one-off fee, and then you can watch whenever you like.

TalkTalk offers competitive broadband and home phone deals, and you can take digital TV as part of the package.  Enjoy the great features of YouView, including on demand content and catch-up, all for a low monthly cost.

YouView is a subscription-free digital TV service which offers access to a library of on demand and catch-up TV.  YouView is available on its own but you need a home internet provider as well; alternatively, you can take it through BT or TalkTalk, which both give you the essential broadband connection as part of the package.

Freeview is the UK’s free-to-air digital TV service, replacing analogue.  It provides a much better picture than the old analogue service, and allows for far more channels.  With Freeview you pay nothing monthly, and the only cost is the cost of the box.

Freesat, like Freeview, is a free service for UK digital TV viewers.  You can access more channels, and the service is received via satellite dish.

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