Virgin Media 3D

What is Virgin Media 3D?

Enjoy the immersive, breath-taking imagery of 3D in the comfort of your own home with the exciting selection of 3D films featured across Virgin Media's on-demand store. Pay a small fee and whichever film you’ve chosen will be yours for a short period of time, within which you’re free to watch it as many times as you’d like.

All of Virgin Media TV packages and set top boxes allow you to enjoy 3D, providing you also own a 3D TV and a pair of 3D glasses.

Virgin Media 3D TV

There are two different types of 3D TVs, named ACTIVE and PASSIVE respectively, currently available for you to buy. While there are a number of positives and negatives to both models, experts generally agree that ACTIVE 3D TVs are able to provide a higher-quality picture.

This difference isn’t hugely significant however, in fact it's pretty much unnoticeable unless you really study them side-by-side, so don't worry about rushing out to exchange the PASSIVE 3D TV you've already bought.

ACTIVE 3D TVs are also a little bit pricier than the PASSIVE models, so which 3D TV is most suitable for you really does just come down to your own personal preference.

Virgin Media 3D Glasses

Virgin Media unfortunately doesn't supply 3D glasses to its customers so you’ll need to make sure you’ve sourced your own. At least two pairs will usually come packaged in alongside your 3D TV, but that can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

If you do find yourself needing a few extra pairs of 3D glasses, a quick Google search will reveal plenty of trustworthy online retailers you can order them from. ACTIVE and PASSIVE TVs each require their own specific type so make sure you’ve bought the right kind!

How much are Virgin Media's 3D films?

Luckily, you don’t have to pay any extra amount on your subscription fee in order to be able to access Virgin's 3D films, you just simply pay indivudally for each one you'd like to rent.

It is a little more expensive to rent a 3D film than it is to rent a standard 2D outing due to the amount of pricey technology involved in bringing it to you, but any charges you incur will be added on to your bill at the end of the month.