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About Virgin Media Bundles

Virgin Media offers a wide variety of Bundles to suit all your digital entertainment, broadband and home phone needs. Virgin Media offers ultrafast fibre-optic broadband along with TV powered by TiVo - allowing you to record and store content to watch whenever you want. 

Big bundle 

Virgin Media’s entry-level package offers Mixit TV which features over 110 channels, M100 Fibre broadband with an average speed of 108Mb and TalkWeekend. Customers will also get the brilliant V6 TV box which allows you record up to six show while watching a seventh.

Big Oomph bundle

This option upgrades M100 Fibre broadband to M200 fibre broadband which boasts an average ultrafast speed of 213Mb and offers a 2GB data Virgin Mobile SIM with unlimited minutes and texts. Customers will still get the Mixit TV, TalkWeekends and V6 TV box.

Big bundle + Drama Picks

Again, this is very similar to the original Big bundle but now combines TalkWeekends and Mixit TV with the Entertainment and Drama pick and M100 broadband. Customers will have access to over 150 channels, including Sky One, Fox and Alibi, which can all be enjoyed on the V6 TV box. 

Big Oomph bundle + Drama Pick

The Big Oomph and Drama Pick bundle includes everything listed under the previous option, Mixit TV with Entertainment and Drama and Talk Weekends, and throws both M200 broadband and a 2GB Virgin Mobile SIM with unlimited minutes and texts into the mix. 

Bigger bundle

Customers who opt for the Bigger bundle will receive a great variety of over 230 channels with Maxit TV, M100 Fibre Broadband, V6 TV box and TalkWeekends. It’s an excellent choice for sport lovers as it includes every single BT Sport channel, including the glossy BT Sport 4K Ultra HD so you can get closer to the action than ever before.

Bigger Oomph bundle 

Busy households who like the look of the Bigger Bundle will find themselves much better suited to the Bigger Oomph bundle. Not only will you get Maxit TV’s 230 channels, which includes all of those under BT Sport, a 2GB Virgin Mobile SIM with unlimited minutes and texts and Talk Weekends, but also M200 Fibre Broadband to support heavy streaming and gaming. 

Bigger + Movie bundle

Enjoy a huge variety of genres, over 1000 films on demand and a new premiere every day with the 11 Sky Cinema channels as well as the 230 channels of Maxit TV, M100 Fibre broadband and TalkWeekends of the Bigger bundle. 

Bigger + Sport + Movie bundle

Sports and film fans alike will find plenty to love in this bundle which features all of the Sky Cinema channels alongside Sky Sports and BT Sport. All of the benefits of the Bigger bundle are present too like Maxit TV, M100 broadband, a V6 box and TalkWeekends. 

Ultimate Oomph bundle

Enjoy the very best of what Virgin Media has to offer with the Ultimate Oomph bundle. Experience exclusive ultrafast speeds of a staggering 516Mbps and an all-encompassing selection of entertainment which includes Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and the Kids pick. Catch-up with your friends whenever with Talk More Anytime and a Truly Unlimited Virgin Mobile SIM.

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