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As one of the UK’s leading providers of TV and broadband, Sky offers an extensive range of packages across these two services.

Having a wide range of packages and deals available is great, but as a new Sky customer, it can sometimes feel a bit hard to find the right deal for you.

That’s where this guide can help, as we aim to assist you in finding out how to get the best Sky deals for new customers, with useful information you’ll want to know as well as some tips and tricks on finding these new Sky deals.

The important thing to note here is that there is no single best deal as it is completely dependent on what you are looking for.

With this guide, we’re not telling you what we think is the best deal on Sky TV or broadband, but instead letting you know how to find and get the best deals for you as a new Sky customer.

How to get the best Sky deals for new customers

As a new Sky customer, you have access to some fantastic introductory offers and packages designed to entice you to join their service.

One way to find these deals is to head to the Sky website. They showcase all their deals for new customers and highlight their latest special offers so you can find one that suits your needs.

However, this isn’t necessarily the best and/or only way to find a great deal on Sky packages.

At Digital TV, we work closely with Sky to be able to offer customers a streamlined experience and provide great deals, some of which you may not find with other comparison providers.

We offer these Sky new customer deals through our website, where you’ll find a fantastic range of packages on offer similar to on Sky, but also over the phone, where we have our dedicated expert customer service teams who can assist you in finding the right deal.

Can I contact Sky to find a better deal?

Yes, you can phone Sky and get help to find a good deal that suits you. However, echoing the above, you don’t have to go directly through Sky. 

Our call centre teams at Digital TV are on hand to help you get the best deal for your needs. They are experts on all things for new Sky customers and you may find it easier to get through and speak to someone from our team than you would going through Sky as they often have a large backlog of customers to deal with.

One of the biggest positives to calling is that you can fully describe what it is you are looking for and the agent can help find what's the best fit for you, rather than you having to scroll through all the deals.

Better yet, you may sometimes even find deals that are only available over the phone.

As Sky is so vast, there are multiple numbers you can call for whatever it is you need. We have a guide on Sky contact numbers that can help you find the right one you need.

What is the most basic Sky package?

Again, there isn’t one set basic Sky package as it mainly depends on what service you are looking for.

If you are looking for Sky TV, there is a base package whose contents are included with every other package deal, so it is essentially the basic Sky TV package. This is the Sky Entertainment & Netflix package.

As for the most basic Sky Broadband package, that would technically be Sky Essential. It’s the most basic because it is the most widely available, given that it uses an ADSL connection which is available to 97% of premises in the UK, albeit is rather outdated technology and somewhat unfit for modern-day usage.

If you’re looking for more basic but also more updated, Sky Superfast provides fibre broadband, bringing better speeds and connectivity to your home. 

Does Sky’s basic TV package include Netflix?

Yes, the basic Sky TV package does include Netflix. As described, the base Sky TV package is Entertainment & Netflix, which provides you with 150 live channels and a Netflix Standard with Ads subscription.

The Netflix Standard with Ads subscription comes included in the package and provides HD viewing on two devices. If you already have Netflix, you don’t need to cancel your existing subscription, just simply link the two and you’ll be set.

Sky Entertainment features channels such as Sky Atlantic, Sky Max, Comedy Central and lots more.

You’ll also have Sky Box Sets available to you, which is available on-demand and features over 30,000 shows for you to enjoy.

As well as all that, you’ll also be given a Discovery+ Basic plan, providing even more great TV to stream and watch.

How much does a basic Sky package cost a month?

The Entertainment & Netflix package is available with all Sky TV packages, with it being most advertised with Sky’s newest TV offering, Sky Stream (more on that later).

The Sky Stream Entertainment & Netflix package is available for £19 a month on an 18-month contract.

How long do Sky introductory offers last?

Sky introductory offers for new customers typically last for the duration of the contract, although that may differ depending on the offer provided.

Sometimes you may find a deal that states an even better saving but only for a specific time. For example, Sky might offer a one-month free trial of Sky Stream, after which the price will increase to the standard amount per month for an 18-month contract, or slightly more for a 31-day rolling contract.

Be sure to check out what deals Sky are running at the time and be aware of the length of the deal and how much it will cost once it expires.

Can I get Sky TV without broadband?

Yes, you can purchase a Sky TV package without having to get broadband. This is a good option if you are already supplied by a different broadband provider.

However, if you need broadband and Sky is available to you in your home, you may find the best price available to you with a Sky TV and broadband package.

Sky package deals for new customers

New customers will always find the best package deals for any provider, as the main aim is to bring in more business.

Sky’s package deals are the best way to get the most out of your money. The packages put together different services, such as broadband and TV.

The main benefit of a package deal is that you can save the most money this way, but you will also find it a lot easier to understand your bill statement each month with everything in one place.

Sky TV deals for new customers

For potential new customers looking for Sky TV deals on their own, there are several options to choose from depending on what you are looking for.

Sky Sports offers many exclusive sports to watch such as Formula 1, PGA Tour golf, ATP & WTA Tour tennis, and much more, plus more Premier League football coverage than any other broadcaster in the UK.

Sky Cinema has a large catalogue of brilliant movies available, including new premieres every month.

You can add these two as well as others such as Sky Kids, TNT Sports and more, after choosing the base Sky TV package (known as Entertainment & Netflix) or they will be put together in a package deal.

Sky Stream deals for new customers

Sky Stream is Sky’s latest TV offering, providing endless entertainment that is streamed over WiFi, meaning no need for satellite dish installation.

This means that getting yourself set up is as simple as plugging the puck in and connecting it to the WiFi. All TV add-ons purchased with the service will already be available to you once it is all setup.

For more information, check out our guide: What is Sky Stream?

Sky Glass deals for new customers

Sky Glass is essentially Sky Stream with a stunning 4K TV included. You get a choice of three sizes (43”, 55” & 65”) and it will come with Sky Entertainment & Netflix plus any add-ons you included.

It can all be included as one monthly price or you can purchase the TV outright.

For more information, check out our guide: What is Sky Glass?

Representative example: Total payment for 43" Sky Glass - £672; Upfront payment - £10 Total credit - £672; Length of agreement - 48 months; Interest rate fixed - 0%; APR representative - 0% Additional subscriptions are charged separately to the Sky Glass credit agreement.

Sky Broadband deals for new customers

Along with a fantastic TV service, Sky also boasts a brilliant broadband service that offers fibre and full fibre.

You can find a range of speeds that suit your needs, and depending on what is capable for your household, you can get ultrafast speeds up to 900Mbps.

Sky Broadband is available on its own or as part of a package deal. Seeing as Sky Stream and Sky Glass both stream their content over WiFi, it makes sense to bundle the two services together into one package.

Can existing Sky customers get a better deal?

Existing Sky customers can get a better deal once their current contract has run out, with the best method for doing so being phoning Sky or the Sky team at Digital TV.

By speaking to a Sky expert, you can better communicate what it is you want and need, whether that be carrying on with your services from the previous contract or adding/dropping services.

If your contract is coming to an end, you may find yourself being contacted by Sky anyway offering fresh deals and discounts.

What counts as a new customer with Sky?

You are classified as a new customer with Sky if you have not had any of their services for at least 12 months.

Sky is able to keep track of their new and existing customers as Sky accounts are linked to the users’ addresses, so they can see if they have ever had any Sky services or if they have had any in the last 12 months.

Why do existing Sky customers pay more?

Like their competitors and many companies, Sky prioritises getting new customers in, thus offering better deals to entice new business.

That doesn’t mean once you become a customer you are forgotten about, though. Sky values its customer base and wants to keep you on just as much as it wants new customers.

They do this by offering more deals when your contract ends, although as we answered earlier, it may not be as much off as you were saving during your initial contract.

Can I cancel Sky and rejoin as a new customer?

You can cancel Sky and rejoin as a new customer but only after 12 months. This goes back to Sky acknowledging new customers as anyone who hasn’t had a Sky service in the last 12 months.

What number is Sky deals for existing customers?

Sometimes speaking to someone at Sky can be difficult as they are often very busy and inundated with lots of customers with their own queries.

That’s where we can help, as we here at Digital TV have a number of experts who are also capable of handling your Sky queries, even for existing customers.

The Sky phone number you’ll want to call is 0330 1656 733.

From there, you will have multiple options to choose from to get to where you want to be.

For new customers, you choose option one. Choosing one again will take you to Sky Glass information while choosing two will bring info on Sky TV and broadband.

Existing customers who are looking for upgrades, choose option two. 

Best Sky deals for new customers in April

To help you find a good deal right away, we’re highlighting three deals new Sky customers can get this month. Check them out here:

Sky TV's basic package with Sky Stream

Sky Stream Entertainment & Netflix

£23.00 a month (down from £29.00)Prices may change during contract

Sky TV without the dish with Netflix included!

  • 150 channels in stunning HD
  • Over 30,000 shows and box sets
  • No dish and no engineer visit needed
  • 18-month contract
  • No upfront cost
View this deal

Sky TV with Sky Cinema and Sky Sports included

Sky Stream Entertainment & Netflix + Sky Sports & Cinema

£51.00 a month (down from £80.00)Prices may change during contract

  • Sky TV without the dish
  • 170 channels in stunning HD
  • Netflix Standard with Ads & Discovery+ included
  • All dedicated Sky Sports HD & Sky Cinema HD channels!
  • 18-month contract
  • No upfront cost
View this deal

Sky Stream & Sky Full-Fibre broadband combined

Sky Stream + Ultrafast Plus Fibre

£44.00 a month (down from £79.00)Prices may change during contract

Stunning price for TV and full fibre!

  • Sky TV without the dish
  • Average download speed of 500Mbps
  • 18-month contract
  • No upfront cost
View this deal
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