BT Home Phone

What is BT Home Phone?

BT Home Phone is a fixed calls service which you can combine with a BT Broadband package.  As BT is also a digital TV provider, you can bundle TV, internet and calls in one deal.  BT offers different calls packages so you can pick one which reflects your home phone habits.

You would need a BT landline in place as well, and the packages include various features to give you more from your home phone service.

BT Unlimited Anytime Calling Plan

With Anytime Calls, you can phone numbers starting 01, 02, 03, 0845 and 0870 for free at any time (excludes Channels Islands).  You get the first hour free, so hang up after 60 minutes and redial to keep getting your free calls – there’s no limit on the number of times you can do this.

BT Unlimited Evening & Weekend Calling Plan

Evening & Weekend Calls works in the same way; you have unlimited calls to 01, 02, 03, 0845 and 0870 (excluding Channels Islands), and you restart the call after an hour to continue avoiding the charge.  The time frame for the free calls is 7pm to 7am Monday to Friday, and all weekend.

BT Unlimited Weekend Calling Plan

Weekend Calls offers free minutes in the same way as the other calls packages, and to the same numbers, and the benefit begins at midnight on Friday, and ends at midnight on Monday.

Every BT Broadband and calls package will require BT line rental, and there is a minimum term contract.  BT line rental is added to your subscription each month, and BT offers savings if you pay one year upfront.

BT Phone Line

For a BT calling plan and broadband package, you need a BT landline in place.  BT sets this up for you, and you pay a monthly fee to rent the line.  If you want BT TV, you need a BT Broadband connection, so you will also need BT’s landline to get the digital TV service.  If you have a landline from another provider, it is simple to switch.

BT Phone Charges

Your call charges with BT will depend on your calling plan, as you may have inclusive calls for daytime, evenings and weekends.  Every call plan from BT includes unlimited calls for free at the weekend, which is defined as midnight Friday to midnight Sunday.

In order to get your free calls you need to hang up after each hour and redial.

Where you don’t have inclusive call time, the calls are charged by the minute, and BT also offers competitive tariffs for international calls.  Charges will also apply when you make calls to mobiles in the daytime and the evening.

BT Home Phone Deals

There are various deals available from BT for home phone with broadband, and you can also combine your calls package with superfast broadband from BT Infinity.  If you want digital TV from BT then you can choose a bundle deal for BT TV, BT Broadband and BT Home Phone.

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